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I help individuals and corporate businesses develop captivating content so they can be discovered by raving fans who will gladly pay for their products/services.

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I help brands and corporate businesses develop a 10-month road-map for online visibility strategies which will help them optimally showcase the benefits sold their products leading to a steady growth in brand awareness and increased market share.


Through seminars, workshops and courses, I help newbie bloggers to identify their "ninja" zone and produce content that gets them seen, grows their influence and helps them earn money from writing online (even in the comfort of their homes).


I offer personalized one-on-one coaching for individuals who are passionate about finding their voice online and profiting from their passion.

What People Are Saying

Daniel Emmanuel

Okay, joining the VIP writer's hub was as a result of my curiosity. So, I took the opportunity to take the clarity session with Ruth Zubairu and it was one of the best opportunities I have had. First, Ruth is Human...smiles. But, most importantly, she shed so much light on how I can improve on my blogging. She practically was surfing the net as we were talking to get information specific to my blogging content. She inspired me with actions to take and aided that by sharing some links directly to me which would aid the next step I would take. What I loved the most about our session, was the fact that our conversation showed that she wanted to see me grow!

I don't have so much to say, but to tell anyone out there who wants to grow their blog to talk to Ruth today! because she has got the road map needed!

Arise Arizechi

Ruth provided very clear and fresh insights on steps I could immediately take to effectively promote my content.She also made some very “wisdomic” connections between the blog and other things I am involved in, while providing a roadmap on how to effectively maximise our Twitter handle in promoting my posts both old and new.

When it comes to smart and profitable blogging, Ruth is the REAL DEAL


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